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China concentric butterfly valve factory

  • Port size:2″ to 100″,DN50-DN2400
  • Pressure:PN10-16 bar,150LB,JIS 5K 10K
  • Structure:Concentric
  • Medium:Water,air,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~120℃
  • Body material:Cast iron,ductile iron,carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.
  • Connection:Flanged,wafer,lugged end
  • Feature:Manual,electric,pneumatic actuator is optional
China concentric butterfly valve manufacturer, factory and supplier for flange type concentric butterfly valve, wafer type concentric butterfly valve,lug type concentric butterfly valve with manual, pneumatic, electric operation.China concentric butterfly valve is a flow control mechanism that uses a rotary disk to control the flow medium in the system. The disk remains in the passage, but since it is so thin, it gives very little resistance to the flow.

China concentric butterfly valve has many benefits over other types of valves, such as economic construction, which consists of fewer components, making it easier to operate and maintain. The wafer design body and the relatively lightweight reduce its costs and installation costs, equipment, pipe support, labor and set – up time.
This type of concentric butterfly valve consist of the stem which travels along the middle line of the disk in the center of the pipe bore and the seat is inside diameter of the body of the valve. This no offset valve configuration is also known as a resilient-seated valve as it depends on the flexibility of the seat rubber when the flow is closed, for the reliability of the seal. In this type of valve, the disk first interacts with the seat at about 85° for a 90° rotation. Concentric butterfly valve is widely used in low-pressure applications.
Concentric butterfly valve can be widely used in water treatment、fire protectionchemical industry、light industry、papermaking industrial、pharmaceutical、car automatic control system on a remote concentrated or local control.

China concentric butterfly valve parameter
● Connection Type: Wafer, Lug, Double Flange
● Material: Cast Iron, Ductile iron, Carbon steel. Stainless Steel and others
● Actuator Type: Manual, Electric (on-off or regulating), Pneumatic (spring return or double acting)
● Operating Pressure: 10-16 bar,150LB
● Size Range: 2″ to 100″
● Suitable Medium: Water, Air, Gas, etc.

China concentric butterfly valve classification

Wafer Type Concentric Butterfly Valve: 

The wafer type concentric butterfly valve was built to keep a tight sealing, protecting against bi-directional pressure differentials, to prevent any backflow in devices that were built for uni-directional flow. This is done by the use of a tightly fitted cap, such as an O-ring, gasket, precisely machined, along with a smooth valve face on the downstream and upstream parts of the valve.
China concentric butterfly valve factory
Lug Type Concentric Butterfly Valve: 
Lug body type of the butterfly valve design is identical to the 3-piece ball valve in which one end of the pipeline can be replaced without impacting the other side of the valve. This can be achieved with threaded inserts, flanges, and two sets of lugs (bolts) that do not use nuts so each flange has its bolts. It is also important to remember that you do not need to shut down the whole device to inspect, clean, repair, or replace the lug butterfly valve.
China concentric butterfly valve factory
Double Flanged Concentric Butterfly Valve: 
Double flanged butterfly valve has a flange at both ends of the valve to be attached with pipe flanges. This type of end connection is used for the very large size of the butterfly valve.
China concentric butterfly valve factory
Concentric butterfly valve working princeple
Concentric butterfly valve has a relatively simpler design. The body, seal, disc, and stem are the main parts of the concentric butterfly valve. The traditional butterfly valve has a disk located in the middle of the attached pipe and a stem is connected to the actuator or handle on the outside of the valve. When the valve is in a closed position, the disk is perpendicular to the flow and the seat of the valve is shut. The stem is sealed with an O-ring. When the valve makes a turn of 90 degree with the help of actuator or handle, the disk travels away from the valve seat and is located parallel to the flow. The rotation at an angle less than 90-degrees allows the flow to be either throttled or proportional.
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