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Wafer high performance butterfly valve

  • Port size:DN50-DN600
  • Pressure:PN10-PN64 CL150-CL600
  • Structure:High performance, double offset, bi-directional seal
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,gas,etc.
  • Temperature :-29~180℃
  • Body material:WCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M etc.
  • Connection:Wafer type or others
  • Feature:High performance for bi-directional seal
China wafer high performance butterfly valve manufacturer, factory, company and supplier. Wafer high performance butterfly valve provides a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications where bubble-tight shut-off is required. Wafer high performance butterfly valve adopts an eccentric disc and offset shaft, the design incorporates the flexible-lip sealing system into a lightweight, compact body. The result is that in many cases Wafer high performance butterfly valve can replace globe valve and gate valve yet easier operating, longer lasting and lower cost.
Wafer high performance butterfly valve widely used in many applications such as Airport refueling, Hydrocarbon processing, HVAC, Air treatment, Chemical processing, Purified gas, Steam and vacuum services, Potable water, Powder and pulp processing, etc.Wafer design makes the valve convenient for connection between flanges and save length in pipe line.

Wafer high performance butterfly valve Technical specification

Connection Wafer
Size 2″-24″
Pressure Class150,Class300
Flange standard ASME B16.5 Class150,Class300; EN1092 PN16, PN25, PN40
Face to face API 609 Category B valve Wafer
Pressure test API 598
Temperature PTFE seat -29°C to +200°C,metal seat -29°C to +400°C
Operator Lever,Gear box,Pneumatic actuator,Electric actuator

Wafer high performance butterfly valve main part and material

Wafer high performance butterfly valve


No. Part name Material
1 Body WCB CF8M
2 Disc CF8* CF8M*
3 Seat RPTFE,SS316+RPTFE,SS316
4 Shaft 17-4 PHSS,1.4462
5 Packing gland CF8
6 Bottom cover Same as body
7 Cover seal Graphite
8 Thrust washer SS316
9 Seat retainer WCB CF8M
10 Gasket RPTFE, Graphite
11 Retaining ring SS304
12 Packing RPTFE, Graphite
13 Packing ring SS316  
14 Bearing SS316+PTFE  
15 Thrust bearing SS316  
16 Key SS316
17 Bolt SS316
18 Bolt SS304
19 Bolt SS304
20 Nut SS304
21 Belleville washer SS304
*Supersonic spray welding of different materials on sealing surface of metal seating valve according to requirements
Wafer high performance butterfly valve Feature:
  • One-piece stem design with ISO 5211 square drive
  • ISO 5211 direct mounting flange on the valve body
  • Easy-adjust gland packing accessible with actuator mounted in place
  • Belleville washers on the gland nut offer reliable primary sealing between shaft and packing
  • Retaining ring for both equably pressing on packing and stem blowout proof
  • Multiply rows of RPTFE chevron for soft seat valve and Graphite chevron for fire safe and metallic seat
  • Extended neck for pipe insulation
  • Self-energized seat resulting in longer life and reduced maintenance·Pin-less shaft to disc connection makes the valve convenient for parts replacement and reliable even under corrosion
  • Seat retainer supports the seat and allows for easy changeout
  • Double offset disc reducing the valve torque
  • Alloy harden disc surface for metal seat increases the sealing life time
  • Integral disc stop prevent disc from over travel
  • Soft seat, fire safe seat and metallic seat are replaceable each other
  • PTFE lined SS316 bearing support stem and increase service life
  • Thrust ring for anti-blowout and anti-static