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Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve

  • Port size:2″ to 100″,DN50-DN2400
  • Pressure:PN10-100 bar,150LB-900LB
  • Structure:Double eccentric or triple eccentric
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:Ductile iron,carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.
  • Connection:Flanged,wafer,lugged and welded end
  • Feature:Double acting or single acting pneumatic actuator
Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve can be double eccentric or triple eccentric structure with pneumatic actuator (single acting or double acting). Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve is flanged, wafer, lug end connection eccentric butterfly valve,pneumatic actuator and solenoid valve, limit switch,air filter for automatic control. The pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve stem drive the valve corn rolling 90 in the body which can realize the full open or full close action.Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve can according to the sealing performance into metal seal and soft seal with compact structure,small volume,reliable operation,good sealing,easy maintenance installation convenient and the adoptability is strong advantages.Stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve can be widely used in petroleum,chemical industry,light industry,papermaking industrial,pharmaceutical,car automatic control system on a remote concentrated or local control.

Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve specification


Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel,stainless steel


Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel,stainless steel


PTFE+Graphite or SS+Graphite for triple eccentric butterfly valve,
Rubber seated for double eccentric butterfly valve



Body style

Double flanged, wafer, lugged end

Nominal diameter

1 1/2″ – 80″ (DN40mm – DN2000mm)

Top flange


Operating pressure:

Soft seated structure: 16bar for DN50-DN300, 10bar for DN350-DN2000

Metal seated structure:10bar to 64 bar

Temperature range:

-20 °C to + 180 °C,-40 °C to + 450 °C  (depending on pressure, medium and material)

Flange accommodation

EN 1092 PN 6/PN10/PN16

ASME Class 150/300

AS 4087 PN10/ PN16

JIS 5K/10K

Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve actuator performance

Model: AT Series

Actuator Type: Spring return or double acting rack & pinion pneumatic actuator

Rotation: 90 Degrees (quarter-turn)

Torque Range: For single-acting type: 5.7Nm to 3336Nm  and for double-acting type: 8.0Nm to 4678Nm

Air Supply Pressure: 2.5 bar to 8 bar

Actuator Body: Powder polyester coated Aluminum Alloy

Environment Temperature: -22℉ to 140℉

Mounting Standard: ISO5211 & NAMUR

Pneumatic eccentric butterfly valve accesories:
1 Positioner (for regulating function)
2 Solenoid valve
3 Limited switch
4 Handwheel
5 Air filter reducer

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