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Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve

  • Port size:2″ to 80″,DN50-DN2000
  • Pressure:PN10-40 bar,150LB-300LB
  • Structure:Triple eccentric,metal seated
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:Carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.
  • Connection:Flanged,wafer,lugged and welded end
  • Feature:It can bear high temperature,Zero leakage.
Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve is stainless steel laminated graphite seat for zero leakage design.Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve size range: NPS 2 to NPS 48,Class range: PN10/16/25/40/150LB/300LB. Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve can be used in high-pressure systems such as ethanol or HVAC and metal seats are also provided to meet fire-testing requirements such as API 607.

Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve specification
TYPE:  Triple offset, metal seated
MEDIUM: Air, Steam, Gas, Oil, Seawater, Water   
MATERIALS: Carbon Steel / Stainless
Steel / Alu Bronze
PRESSURE RATING: PN10/16, Class 150/300
TEMPERATURE: -40°C to 450°C
SEAT: Graphite+Stainless steel

Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve product features
1. Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve adopts three offset sealing structure, seat and disc almost no wear, with tighter sealing function;
2. Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the dual advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal, both at low temperature and high temperature, have excellent sealing performance, with corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics;
3. Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve sealing surface using surfacing cobalt-based hard alloy, sealing surface wear resistance, long service life;
4. Large size disc adopts quilted frame structure, high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance;  
5. Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve with two-way sealing function, installation is not restricted by the flow of media, is not affected by the spatial position, can be installed in any direction;  
6.The driving device can be multi-station (rotating 90° or 180°) installation, easy to use.  

Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve introduction
Triple offset metal seated butterfly valve has a three-offset disk which can be used up to 1,480 psi [10 MPa]. Compared to the single-eccentric design, the triple offset metal seated butterfly valve uses a stem which is present behind the disk. In the high-performance butterfly valve, the second offset stem is pushed back to one side from the middle of the disk. This offset geometry allows the disk to be rubbed over the seat with just 1° to 3° of 90° rotation.

The action of the triple offset metal seated butterfly valve refers to the cone profile while sealing the butterfly valve. The configuration of the disc and shaft offsets produces the cam action of the disk in the seat, minimizing the torque required to operate the butterfly valve.


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