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Double eccentric VS Triple eccentric butterfly valve


Double eccentric VS Triple eccentric butterfly valve introduction
  • The double eccentric butterfly valve has two offsets at the center that produce cam action at the time of the application process.Triple eccentric butterfly valve has three different offset valves. Two offsets are located at the center whereas the third is on the seat surface which creates the shape of the disk and seat form of the cone.
  • The double eccentric butterfly valve can be used for an application of up to 325°C and can be used in pressure as high as 50 bars. While a Triple eccentric butterfly valve can be used for a demanding & long-term application of up to 932°F (500°C) and the valve is designed to withstand a high pressure of up to 725 psi (50 bar).
  • Double eccentroc butterfly valve seat is made up of soft material while in triple offset butterfly valve seat is made of hard metal.
  • One of the key distinctions between the two butterfly valves is their appearance. In the double eccentric butterfly valve, the two offsets of this type of valve allow easy opening and retain their strong sealing strength.

Double eccentric butterfly valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve has a two-offset disk which can be used up to 1,480 psi [10 MPa]. Compared to the single-eccentric design, the double eccentric butterfly valve uses a stem which is present behind the disk. In the high-performance butterfly valve, the second offset stem is pushed back to one side from the middle of the disk. This offset geometry allows the disk to be rubbed over the seat with just 1° to 3° of 90° rotation.

The action of the double eccentric butterfly valve refers to the cone profile while sealing the valve. The configuration of the disk and shaft offsets produces the cam action of the disk in the seat, minimizing the torque required to operate the valve.
Double eccentric butterfly valve

Triple eccentric butterfly valve

The triple eccentric butterfly valve does not operate like a traditional butterfly valve, which while turning of the lever, turns sideways to allow the media to pass, like hand waving. The triple offset type works like a globe valve, where the disk moves a bit like a cone, going up and down.

A strong seal occurs as the cone moves to become a circle. There is no drag when the seat comes into contact with the disk due to the angled positioning of the disk in relation to the surface.
Triple eccentric butterfly valve