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D371F4 D371F46 Fully lined butterfly valve

  • Port size:2″ to 24″,DN50-DN600
  • Pressure:PN10-16 bar,150LB,JIS 5K 10K
  • Structure:Full lined, Spit body.
  • Medium:Corrosive medium
  • Temperature :-29~150℃
  • Body material:Carbon steel,stainless steel+PTFE PFA FEP Lined
  • Connection:Wafer type
  • Feature:Gear type wafer end full fluorine lined butterfly valve
D371F4 D371F46 Fully lined butterfly valve manufacturer,factory and supplier. D371F4 is Lever fully PTFE lined butterfly valve, wafer type connection; D371F46 is Lever fully FEP lined butterfly valve, wafer type connection. PTFE,FEP,PFA Lined material is optional for corrosive medium.

D371F4 D371F46 Fully lined butterfly valve specification
Size Range: DN50 - DN600 (2" - 24")
Pressure Rating: 10 bar
Body Patterns: Double flanged / Wafer / Lugged 
Body Materials: WCB/CF8/CF8M
Disc Materials: FEP, PFA, PFTE
Temperature Rating: -20°C to +180°C
Flange Standards: ANSI125/150, PN6/10/16, JIS 5K/10K
Operation: Manual, Electric, Pneumatic

D371F4 D371F46 Fully lined butterfly valve feature
ISO 5211 top plate for direct mounting of a wide range of actuators, handles, and gears
Resilient seat energizer extends completely around seat, including disc hub area
One piece disc/stem in high strength design – available in SS316 thin profile with hand polished edge and hubs, or FEP/PTFE/PFA encapsulated (min. 3mm thick)
Heavy duty acetal bushing
Bi-directional U-cup stem seal
Heavy duty, two piece epoxy coated body with extended neck and locating holes
Precision machined PTFE/PFA seat (min. 3mm thick)
Live-loaded stem seal system by a set of Belleville spring washers on the upper and lower stem

How to know the type of D371F4 D371F46 Fully lined butterfly valve?
(1) Butterfly valve code: D indicates the butterfly valve;  
(2) Transmission form code: lever (omitted), 3 means gear drive, 6 means pneumatic drive, 7 means hydraulic drive, 9 means motorized drive;  

(3) Connection code: 4 flange type, 6 welding, 7 wafer type;  
(4) Structure form code: 1 means concentric, 2 means double eccentric, 3 means three eccentric, 4 means change eccentric, 5 means single eccentric;  

(5) Sealing material code: H---Stainless steel, X or J--Rubber, F---Vition, F4---PTFE,F46---FEP, M---Monel alloy, Y---Stellite, W---valve body direct processing;  

(6) Pressure grade code: 10= PN1.0mpa, 16=PN1.6, 25=PN2.5, 40=PN4.0, PN is the domestic pressure code, Mpa is the unit of pressure;  Class150LB=1.6mpa, 300LB=2.5-4.0mpa, Class is the American standard code, LB is the American standard pound unit.  

 Butterfly valve body material code: C---cast steel, P---stainless steel 304, R---stainless steel 316, AL---special alloy steel, Z---cast iron, Q---ductile iron.