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D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve

  • Port size:2″ to 8″,DN50-DN200
  • Pressure:PN10-40 bar,150LB-300LB
  • Structure:Triple eccentric,metal seated
  • Medium:Water,steam,oil,etc.
  • Temperature :-40~450℃
  • Body material:Carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.
  • Connection:Wafer type
  • Feature:SS+graphite and SS+PTFE laminated sealing is optional
D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve is metal seated triple eccentric design, D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve adopts stainless steel and graphite laminated seal ring structure for high temperature medium with zero leakage. D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve is metal to metal sealing which provides bubble-tight shutoff which results in no leakage performance.Friction-free stroking is available throughout the cycle which allows the operation with low torque and extends the butterfly valve life. D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve has no cavities between the sealing elements due to which clogging is eliminated which results in low maintenance and in turn extends the triple eccentric butterfly valve life.

D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve specification:
● Material: Cast Iron, Ductile iron, Carbon steel. Stainless Steel and others
● Actuator Type: Lever type
● Operating Pressure: 10-40 bar,150LB-300LB
● Medium Temperature: -10 to 180 ℃ for rubber seat, -40 to 450℃ for metal seat.
● Size Range: 2″ to 8″
● Suitable Medium: Water, Oil, Air, Gas, etc.

D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve product features:  
D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve adopts three eccentric sealing structure, seat and disc almost no wear, with tighter sealing function;  
2. Butterfly valve sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the dual advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal, both at low temperature and high temperature, have excellent sealing performance, with corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics;
3. Butterfly valve sealing surface using surfacing cobalt-based hard alloy, sealing surface wear resistance, long service life;
4. Large size disc adopts quilted frame structure, high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance;  
D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve with two-way sealing function, installation is not restricted by the flow of media, is not affected by the spatial position, can be installed in any direction;  
6. The driving device can be multi-station (rotating 90° or 180°) installation, easy to use.  

How to know the type of D73H Lever wafer butterfly valve?
(1) Butterfly valve code: D indicates the butterfly valve;  
(2) Transmission form code: lever (omitted), 3 means gear drive, 6 means pneumatic drive, 7 means hydraulic drive, 9 means motorized drive;  

(3) Connection code: 4 flange type, 6 welding, 7 wafer type;  
(4) Structure form code: 1 means concentric, 2 means double eccentric, 3 means three eccentric, 4 means change eccentric, 5 means single eccentric;  

(5) Sealing material code: H---metal seated, X or J--Rubber, F---Vition, F4---PTFE,F46---FEP, M---Monel alloy, Y---Stellite, W---valve body direct processing;  

(6) Pressure grade code: 10= PN1.0mpa, 16=PN1.6, 25=PN2.5, 40=PN4.0, PN is the domestic pressure code, Mpa is the unit of pressure;  Class150LB=1.6mpa, 300LB=2.5-4.0mpa, Class is the American standard code, LB is the American standard pound unit.  

 Butterfly valve body material code: C---cast steel, P---stainless steel 304, R---stainless steel 316, AL---special alloy steel, Z---cast iron, Q---ductile iron.  

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